Class Change for Spring 2011 Semester

This morning I happened to check Banner at 6am and discovered a single vacant seat for SOCI 360, Sociology of Deviant Behavior. I have since claimed that seat. As a result of having that course I am likely to not take on the graduate course. I am so tired of being concerned with what graduate schools are going to think of my course selections and other attributes of my academic life, so I am going to just go with what I feel will be the best match of courses for my interests. I am very interested in topics like deviant behavior, but not so much interested in things like modern theorists in sociology. Currently I am registered for a total of 21 credit hours for the Spring 2011 semester. 18 hours at Fayetteville and 3 more hours at Gaston. It is going to be quite a full semester, but nothing I can’t handle. Some of the courses will be easier than others for me. The easiest courses will be Introduction to SPSS at Fayetteville and Art History I at Gaston. I suspect the hardest will be History of Sociological Thought. I am looking forward to the semester being somewhat challenging, but hopefully it won’t kill me.