Spring 2013 Semester Overload

As a graduate student it is recommended that I take 9 credit hours, a maximum of 12 is allowed. At the current time I am interested in or have been offered 21 hours. Spring 2013 Code Course School HR GR CSLG7600 Sexual Orientation Diversity in Clinical Practice UNC Charlotte 3 SOCY6652 Issues in Social Research […]

My Spring 2012 Schedule

Introduction to Cognitive Science [ITCS6216] Mark Faust This course presents multiple perspectives on the study of intelligent systems. Broad coverage of such topics as philosophy of mind; human memory processes; reasoning and problem solving; artificial intelligence; language processing (human and machine); neural structures and processes and vision. Also includes is participation in the cognitive science […]

Fall 2011 Courses

I have delayed posting about my fall 2011 courses due to my program of study being somewhat indeterminate until recently. The schedule itself is still somewhat flexible, due to the fact that I have not yet consulted with my advisor about the final plan for my program. The graduate level courses I plan to take […]

Last Minute Change

In a crazy decision regarding what would be best for my academic career, I have decided to make an adjustment to my Summer 2011 semester at Fayetteville. The semester starts on Monday morning, and something about my schedule was bothering me. I have decided on a variety of factors to drop “Urban Sociology” and instead […]

Summer 2011 Course Descriptions

Sociology of Gender Roles [SOCI400] Heather Griffiths A course examining the social determinants of gender role identity, with emphasis on the relationship between gender role identity and personality, personal and professional relationships, work, religion, and general culture, particularly the culture of the United States. — 3 hours Registered Urban Sociology [SOCI442] Jilly M. Ngwainmbi A […]

Spring 2011 Course Descriptions

Art History Survey 1 [ART114] Richard L. Gilbert This course covers the development of art forms from ancient times to the Renaissance. Emphasis is placed on content, terminology, design, and style. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an historical understanding of art as a product reflective of human social development. This course has […]

Class Change for Spring 2011 Semester

This morning I happened to check Banner at 6am and discovered a single vacant seat for SOCI 360, Sociology of Deviant Behavior. I have since claimed that seat. As a result of having that course I am likely to not take on the graduate course. I am so tired of being concerned with what graduate […]

Planned Spring 2011 Semester

This is what the Spring 2011 semester for me looks like so far from my planning. Things may change a little if certain things don’t work out, but this looks to be pretty stable.  ART 114 is currently standing in for my elective course for the semester. Introduction to SPSS [SOCI333] An introduction to the […]