5 Things My Neighborhood Grocery Store Doesn’t Stock

5 Things My Neighborhood Grocery Store Doesn’t Stock, but Should

  1. Whole nutmeg – the closest I can get is “cracked” nutmeg in a grinder, which is better then powder, but not nearly as good as the whole nut.
  2. Duck Fat – its like lard, but is rendered from the fat under the skin of duck. Flavor is more intense than lard and has overall better properties.
  3. Orzo Pasta – a short fat pasta that resembles rice, but has a pasta texture and flavor.
  4. Frisée Lettuce – a frizzy lettuce that resists wilting when exposed to things like hot dressings or fresh croutons.
  5. Mushrooms with a name – my grocery store has typical “button” mushrooms, but that is the extent of it. There are no crimini, or even portobello mushrooms. I’m not asking for shiitake or anything fun like that, and certainly not the very scary maitake. It would however, be nice to get a little mushroom variety. I want the depths of flavor that is offered by each variety of mushroom.
  6. Semolina, Durham or 00 Flour – I can get all kinds of flour, including unbleached AP, whole wheat, rye, and even coconut flour, but not something as basic and ESSENTIAL as semolina. I’m not even picky, Semolina, Durham or 00 type flour would work perfectly well for what I want. I’m looking for just a good pasta flour, something that doesn’t become sticky when rolled and cooked.
  7. Kitchen Twine – a super-clean cotton twine that does not have any offensive flavors or smells. I have a different cotton twine that I use, but it isn’t the same as kitchen twine, as it often contracts and tries to cut into my meats. Kitchen bondage should not end up with twine stuck inside food.