5 Things My Neighborhood Grocery Store Doesn’t Stock

5 Things My Neighborhood Grocery Store Doesn’t Stock, but Should Whole nutmeg – the closest I can get is “cracked” nutmeg in a grinder, which is better then powder, but not nearly as good as the whole nut. Duck Fat – its like lard, but is rendered from the fat under the skin of duck. […]

My First Apple Pie

I have baked a lot of things, but this is my first apple pie. I guess in general I don’t like apple pie that much, but I had the spare apples around and decided to take the opportunity to bake a pie.  The crust is a standard pie crust (flour, shortening, water), but with half […]

Chicken Lasagna Rolls

Category: ChickenPrep Time: 00:40:00Cook Time: 00:40:00 12 Lasagna Noodles3 Chicken Breasts, boneless2 cups Heavy Cream3 tbsp Butter, not margarine2 tbsp AP Flour1 pinch Nutmeg, ground1 tsp Salt2 tsp Black pepper, ground1 tsp Garlic powder(Optional)2 cups Marinara sauce6 ounces Mozzarella cheese, grated2 tsp Olive oil(Optional) To cook the chicken and pasta: 1. Slice raw chicken breasts […]

Buttermilk Concerns

A few months ago (sometime in the spring) I was forced to get buttermilk in a plastic container. I didn’t really like the idea much because if there was no paper to the container, what would keep the bacteria alive? Well… I’m guessing that in the absence of paper, they feed on the milk itself, […]

Pondering Pork

I went to Harris Teeter tonight (at about midnight) to get a ham for dinner tomorrow night. I found myself being annoyed by the expense of the “pre-cooked” 5lb hams, nearly $20 for 1 ham, and it includes a bone. Not exactly what I consider to be a good deal. I was intending to ideally […]

Bacon Fried Chicken and Gravy

4 Breasts Chicken, boneless 6 Ounces Bacon, chopped 10 Stems Chives, 6 inch 2 Tbsp Corn Starch 14 Ounces Chicken Stock Black Pepper, to taste Fry bacon in large non-stick skillet or fryer. Fry until crisp and fat pools. Remove remaining bacon solids, set aside to cool. Split chicken breasts to divide mass in half, […]

Chicken About Chicken

For some bizarre reason I decided that I wanted to cook a whole chicken. Having my roasting bags and my bird, I set out to begin working on the chicken this afternoon. I thought it would be no big deal, just rinse, season and pop in the bag. I suppose I  subconsciously eliminated the part […]

Round Knobs Suck

I have decided something recently in my kitchen, round knobs on lids and round handles on pans, suck. Anything with a single screw is absolutely stupid. Cookware should be able to be held completely still, and not be dependent on the obedience of a single screw. I have made this decision after having cleaned by […]

Recipes Make No Sense

What is a cup of flour? Densly packed or lightly packed? Perhaps sifted? Volume is no way to measure things like flour, or grated carrot for that matter. So many things in cooking involve air, it is nearly impossible to measure by volume and have the correct amount. Kitchen scales are more likely to be […]