Planned Readings for SOCY 6895

For anyone who is curious, below is my planned list of readings for my Tutorial in Sociology on the topic of Masculinity.

Kimmel, M. S. 2007. Men’s lives. 7th ed. Boston, MA: Pearson Allyn and Bacon.

(selected chapters)

  • 44 – The morality/manhood paradox : masculinity, sport and the media
  • 48 – Culture, gender, and violence : "We are not women"
  • 50 – Athlete aggression on the rink and off the ice : athlete violence and aggression in hockey and interpersonal relationships
  • 52 – Neo-macho man : pop culture and post 9/11 politics
  • 47 – Men are much harder : gendering viewing of nude images
  • 5 – (In) secure times : constructing white working-class masculinities in the late 20th century
  • 53 – Change among the gatekeepers : men, masculinities, and gender equality in the global arena
  • 11 – "Dude, You’re a Fag": Adolescent Masculinity and the Fag Discourse

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Vaccaro, Christian. 2011. “Male Bodies in Manhood Acts: The Role of Body-Talk and Embodied Practice in Signifying Culturally Dominant Notions of Manhood”. Sociological Compass 5: 65-76.

Chimot, Caroline and Catherine Louveau. 2010. “Becoming a man while playing a female sport: The construction of masculine identity in boys doing rhythmic gymnastics”. 2010 45: 436 International Review for the Sociology of Sport 45: 436-456.

Hinojosa, R. 2010. “Doing Hegemony: Military Men, and Constructing a Hegemonic Masculinity”. Journal of Men’s Studies, 18(2), 179-194.

Yeung, King-To, Mindy Stombler and Reneé Wharton. 2006. “Making Men in Gay Fraternities : Resisting and Reproducing Multiple Dimensions of Hegemonic Masculinity”. Gender & Society 20, 5-31.

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