Update on Fall 2011 Papers

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Course # Paper Topic Pages Req. Status
Tutorial in Sociology SOCY 6895 Sociology of Masculinity 20-30 IP:  4 pages
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Declassification of Homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 2-4 Graded: 100%
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Evolution of Interaction Between Homosexuality and Western Religions 2-4 Topic Selected
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Gay Identity vs. “Disappearance” 2-4 Topic Selected
Transnational Feminism WGST 5050 Racism and Subjugation in Sexual Tourism 15-20 Proposal Started
Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality WGST 6601 Social Construction of Non-Genital Sexualities 20 IP: 1 page


The paper for Tutorial in Sociology should be pretty simple to complete. I’ve been playing with outlines all semester, and of course because there is no in-person discussion for the course, all I do is write about the material, so a good amount of my ground work is done, I just have to integrate that into a cohesive discussion of the formation and maintenance of masculinity.

The two papers remaining for LGBT Studies should be fairly simple. They are just small papers that require a minimum of research and a little analytical thought, but they are not deep and probing papers. My first one has been graded and I received full credit for it, so hopefully that trend continues.

Transnational Feminism I had difficulty selecting a topic for. It isn’t my favorite course this semester, and I had a little difficulty determining what would be an appropriate topic. The topic I selected actually appeared in Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality, but I feel that it is quite relevant to Transnational Feminism. Now I have to finish off a proposal and find appropriate source material.

For Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality I have had a topic selected for a while, but I have modified the description of the topic a few times to reach a description that is most precise. I am planning to explore the social construction of sadomasochism and paraphilia, but could not quite find an appropriate way to succinctly (and positively) describe the topic. This  paper is in the process of being written. It is going slowly because I am not the type to do extensive planning and then write from a plan, for me everything has to flow.

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