Update on Fall 2011 Papers (3)

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Course # Paper Topic Pages Req. Status
Tutorial in Sociology SOCY 6895 Sociology of Masculinity 15-20 IP:  12 pages
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 Declassification of Homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders 2-4 Graded: 100%
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 History of Queer Symbology 2-4 Graded: 100%
LGBT Studies WGST 2050 ? 2-4 ?
Transnational Feminism WGST 5050 Absent Masculinity in Feminist Discourse on Sex Work 15-20 Complete; Submitted
Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality WGST 6601 Social Construction of Sadomasochism and Fetishism 20 Complete: 21 pages
In Review
Statement of Purpose for Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Admission 2 Complete
Statement of Purpose for Master of Arts in Sociology Admission 2 IP: Draft 1

Everything is done except for some basic stuff.

My tutorial paper is a little behind where I wanted it. I wanted to have this paper finished by Thursday, but there was no rational way to do it and keep the other papers on time. It is coming along nicely, even if I don’t “tell a story” with it very well.

My final paper for WGST 2050 is not complete, or even started. I scrapped my previous topic, and since it is an extra credit paper, it may or may not happen, depending on available time.

Transnational Feminism is complete. The paper has been submitted as a 15 page paper. It isn’t a wonderful paper and I’m not really sure that my topic is coherent, but I have done the best that I can with it. My confidence in the paper is so low that I have not proof-read the paper for fear of wanting to rewrite it completely.

The paper for Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality is beyond finished. I have passed the 20 page mark and probably still have 2 or 3 pages more to add as well as a little work on the structure of the paper and of course the last minute proof-reading.

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