Class Designations

Sometimes talking to me or reading my posts and statuses can seem a bit like reading a course catalog, or a really bad game of memory. Unfortunately I did not figure out how to resolve that issue until now (1 week before the end of the semester for Fall 2011). However, I have now developed a system that I’m happy with….

Fall 2011

  • PHIL = WGST 5050/Transnational Feminism (Cross list as PHIL 3990)
  • SOCY = SOCY 6895/Tutorial in Sociology: Sociology of Masculinity
  • WGST = WGST 6601/Theoretical Approaches to Sexuality
  • LGBT = WGST 2050/Lesbian and Gay Studies

Spring 2012

  • Cog Sci = PSYC/ITCS 6216/Introduction to Cognitive Science
  • HCI = ITIS6400/Human-Computer Interaction
  • QT (or WGST) = WGST5050/Queer Theory
  • SOCY = SOCY 6895/Sociology of the Internet (pending)