Marginal Difference

Over the past few days, since Tuesday evening, I have been reflecting on my selection of topics and trying to discover where my real interest in sociology (and related fields) exists. My interest is in marginalized identities and marginalized people. The experiences of the majority are well documented and majority decisions, majority culture rules the world. I am interested in the margins, I’m interested in everyone that doesn’t fit neatly in the curve of normal society. I suppose for me the greatest research question is “why is there a margin?”. I am curious as to the systems of power that have worked to divide society into those that conform and those that do not. I suppose I need to resolve, at least academically, a certain amount of cultural conflict.

For this moment things seem clear and my thoughts make sense, but who can say for how long this will remain the case. Perhaps I will wake up in the morning and have everything confirmed for me, or maybe I will wake up and decide this isn’t the answer at all. I am trying to open discourse with myself to discover the essence of what drives me academically and what will ultimately be the thing that for me will make my thesis worth writing.