Adding Rotation to ExIf35


About 2 years ago when I thought I wanted to do film photography I started working on an application called ExIf35. The idea was to have the same level of data storage in JPEGs from a film scanner as those found in DSC (Digital Still Camera) image files. One of the biggest pains that I had was the confusing way in which ExIf rotation is handled. The old method required entering the rotation information when you first entered the data for the exposure. While entering aperture and shutter time is hard enough, the application expected the user to remember which way the camera was turned as well. This was of course a step up from the user needing to enter the actual ExIf integer for which way the frame was to rotate.

Now I am working toward developing the form pictured above, it includes the same drag/drop or select tool that is used in the original ExIf writing process, except not requiring an output directory (because this form just saves to the data file, not the actual image file). Once all files are recorded the user can click on an image file to get a thumbnail image. Once I get the code written the blue and green buttons can be used to change the direction of the thumbnail and record the proper alignment for the ExIf notation. The data will then be saved to the ExIf35 exposure record in the roll file and the information can be written as normal.