ExIf 35 Build 20130520

ExIf 35 0.2.20130521
May 21, 2013

Release Information:
	*Released as Windows Executable
	*Released as Windows Installer

System Requirements (PC):
	*Must be running Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
	*Supports Windows 2000 and higher
	*Software is developed and tested on Windows 7	
	*Implemented the ability to import exposure data from the 'EXIF4FILM'
Android application by CodeUnited. *Added ability to edit data across multiple exposures at the same time
(Additional Information > Add Information to Multiple) Support: *Email EXIF35@PCFIRE.NET *Website: http://exif35.pcfire.net *SourceForge: http://sf.exif35.pcfire.net Developed By: *Curtis M. Kularski