ExIf 35 – Re-evaluating an Abandoned Project

I started the ExIf 35 project (http://exif35.pcfire.net) in 2010 when I returned to shooting film. Perhaps I’m metadata obsessed, or just crazy, but I decided I wanted good ExIf data on my scans of film photos. In the six years since I started the project I allowed myself to reach a point where I felt […]

ExIf 35 Build 20130520

ExIf 35 0.2.20130521 May 21, 2013 ——————– Release Information: *Released as Windows Executable *Released as Windows Installer System Requirements (PC): *Must be running Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 *Supports Windows 2000 and higher *Software is developed and tested on Windows 7 Changes: *Implemented the ability to import exposure data from the ‘EXIF4FILM’ Android application by CodeUnited. […]

Making ExIf 35 Mobile

The first application that I intend to write for Android will be a mobile version of my own ExIf 35 application. I have chosen to do this for several reasons. First, I need an application that has a clear purpose to write for my first application while I am learning. Second, at the current time […]

ExIf 35 Build 20121117

I spent some time working on ExIf 35 today. I got a large amount done regarding the implementation of auto-complete fields in both the main interface as well as in the add exposure window. This is only the third new build that I have produced since I stopped production of new builds in June 2010. […]

Reconsidering the ExIf35 Panel

Is this box intimidating? After being away from it for almost 2 years it was intimidating to me when I returned to it a few weeks ago. Obviously this is not a useful form for anyone that is not both an expert at photography and in data entry. I think this form is absolutely horrendous […]

Adding Rotation to ExIf35

About 2 years ago when I thought I wanted to do film photography I started working on an application called ExIf35. The idea was to have the same level of data storage in JPEGs from a film scanner as those found in DSC (Digital Still Camera) image files. One of the biggest pains that I […]

World’s Worst Written Manual

http://exif35.pcfire.net/docs.php?doc=manual There it is. I have looked over it several times and tried to correct on it, but I just don’t know exactly where to begin making this document something that a human (specifically a film photog) would actually be able/want to read. Obviously my skills for writing do not extend to software documentation. This […]

Image Rotation in ExIf

ExIf rotation makes no rational or logical sense. Below is code that rotates an image based on its present position in increments of one quarter turn (90 degrees) at a time. private int rotateImg(int currentOrientation, int rotate) { int next = 0; int prev = 0; switch (currentOrientation) { //1,6,3,8 case 0: next = 6; […]

ExIf Bliss

After a little more fighting, I finally got things about as far as I think I can. I do not have any lens information in yet, but as far as I can tell there is no officially supported tag for it, only things like Nikon’s maker note fields for it. It sucks, but unfortunately I […]