What might a user want to put on ice?

To follow up on my previous post, what sort of applications might a user find to be unnecessary of unwanted?

Below is a list of things that I have frozen currently. These apps have not been uninstalled, just prohibited from running without first being thawed and authorized. This list obviously does not include some applications that I have decided to complete uninstall.

My primary reason for freezing an application is that is duplicates an app that I prefer to the included app. Email, GMail and “Exchange services” are frozen. This is because I prefer MailDroid. On this particular device I originally had Chrome, “Internet” and then I installed FireFox. That’s three web browsers at over 50MB each (Chrome and FF are MUCH more). I never use Chrome on my devices so uninstalled it. I sometimes need the built-in “Internet” browser for system tasks, so it is allowed to remain live, but is hidden and given no default operations.  Some of the apps that are frozen are apps that are associated with some cool features (like Samsung Link and WatchOn), but I don’t currently need them or use them, so they sit here, frozen, until I need them. The next most frequent reason that apps end up on this list: I have no clue what it is! If I don’t know what it is, I don’t want it running, especially if it doesn’t directly correlate to an app in my launcher.  Finally there are apps that are “problem children” or represent a security issue for me. This includes things like Google+ (I don’t want to suddenly check-in somewhere without being aware of it) and Google Hangouts (it is a pain to make it stop running, even when it is doing nothing).