Chin Up Bar

I have gotten so attracted to my chin-up bar. It is like totally staring at me, daring me to use it, daring me to do more reps. Only discouraging factor is the way my hands feel after. My hands get sore from the bar, but I am not letting that deter me at all. I […]

“Abs are made in the kitchen”

I have been reading the book I obtained yesterday, “Total Body Plan”. I have picked up a strong quote that I am going to stick with for the duration of my personal “body plan”… “abs are made in the kitchen”. The quote is good and helps a lot, but I have one major obstacle, the […]

Starting the plan

With my birthday approaching quickly (tomorrow) I was eager to get my plans made and my workouts started yesterday. I was planning a nice brisk hike to inaugurate a time of physical fitness and overall health, but I got to Crowders Mountain and there was no where where to park, which meant the trails would […]

Desire for Self Improvement

I have been sitting beside my bookshelf for the past hour while working on various things online, primarily taking care of some course related stuff. The bookshelf sits in this room, usually undisturbed unless I’m pulling something specific from it, usually for research or adding something to it, usually some book I will get to […]