Desire for Self Improvement

I have been sitting beside my bookshelf for the past hour while working on various things online, primarily taking care of some course related stuff. The bookshelf sits in this room, usually undisturbed unless I’m pulling something specific from it, usually for research or adding something to it, usually some book I will get to reading eventually.
Directly to my left is the reference section (I own about 3 fiction books, total), which contains numerous books on personal health and fitness. These are books I have been collecting until I can have a plan of attack which includes them and I think I am approaching that point. I don’t work out well because I don’t have a plan, I become bored because all of the exercises that don’t require special equipment are all the same. I am going to change that. First, I think it is time to build a pull-up bar unit outside and it is also a good time to get back into either walking or jogging EVERY night. I have become too stationary again, like so many times before. I work very well when I have a plan and a schedule, so thats what I am going to do. I am going to set goals for myself, based on the United States Marine Corps basic fitness requirements. My longterm goal will be to obtain the highest score possible on these measurable tests. For the short term I intend to use the tests as a guide for where I need to be as far as fitness. Once I have gotten into motion towards the long term goal, I will also add in some other goals, such as working towards my ideal body look. My Polish genetics will be hard to adapt for in this plan, but I am going to do my best. I am fairly short, but almost maximum height for a Pole, so the only thing I can do is work on areas such as my obliques to get my width under control, which shouldn’t be a problem. I can deal with the broad shoulders and wide hip bones as long as my obliques give me some definition.
My guides for this goal will be:
-USMC Guide Book of Essential Subjects (0-967-51236-0)
-Anybody’s Guide to Total Fitness (0-7872-9878-1)
-Men’s Health Hard Body Plan (1-57954-229-8)
-Men’s Health Book of Muscle (1-57954-769-9)
-Complete Book of Abs, The (0-375-75143-2)
-USMC Workout (1-57826-158-9 (maybe, if I get up the balls to do it)
and for balance I will seek guidance from:
-The Perfectible Body: The Western Ideal of Male Physical Development (0-8264-0787-0)
I will spend some time this week preparing for this and then I will begin execution of it no later than next Monday.