New Seed Source

On Tuesday I began searching for a new variety of strawberry to plant, something distinct from the ones that I have presently. I ran across Whatcom Seed Company, a company with relatively few varieties of plant, but the ones they do have are rare and exotic. They do not sell plants, just seeds. Today my […]

What is it?

      I planted this bush/tree in my yard about three years ago. I thought it was just a flowering tree, but now it is producing berries/fruit and I have no idea what it is. Does anyone recognize what type of plant this is? In the spring it did blossom, but they were short-lived, and […]

Macro Photos of AeroGarden Herbs

Last time I grew herbs in an AeroGarden I didn’t have the ability to take macro pics, but now I do. Here are a few of them:   Purple Basil                                            Chives   Mint                                                       Thyme Dill

Meet my new Hibiscus

I have been looking to find some perineals to replace some of my “re-seeding annuals” in my front flowerbed. I was scouring the Burpee catalog and looking online for some good plants. I found many of the plants to be overly expensive for what equates roughly to a freeze-dried live plants. The other day in […]

Strawberries Are In The Ground

This evening I convinced myself that I should never accept a good deal from a plant supplier. Back in December my mother was becoming excited at the concept of growing her own strawberries, in January, Burpee sent me an email offer for strawberry plants. I purchased 25 strawberry plants for $15. Not a bad deal, […]

AeroGarden #2

Today was my “birthday observed” day, and it is the day I received gifts. My mother decided to get me another AeroGarden, so that I can grow more things. I have already set up the new garden with a chili pepper seed kit. Since the other garden was started on a Saturday, and today is […]