ExIf 35 – Re-evaluating an Abandoned Project

I started the ExIf 35 project (http://exif35.pcfire.net) in 2010 when I returned to shooting film. Perhaps I’m metadata obsessed, or just crazy, but I decided I wanted good ExIf data on my scans of film photos. In the six years since I started the project I allowed myself to reach a point where I felt […]

Making ExIf 35 Mobile

The first application that I intend to write for Android will be a mobile version of my own ExIf 35 application. I have chosen to do this for several reasons. First, I need an application that has a clear purpose to write for my first application while I am learning. Second, at the current time […]

Adding Rotation to ExIf35

About 2 years ago when I thought I wanted to do film photography I started working on an application called ExIf35. The idea was to have the same level of data storage in JPEGs from a film scanner as those found in DSC (Digital Still Camera) image files. One of the biggest pains that I […]

Clipboard Image Save Application

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I was having trouble getting the Google Android SDK to save screenshots for me, leaving me with the only way to save them being to open MS Paint and go through the processes there to save them. Somehow, doing this only once was enough to make me want to write a better solution, so my […]

Personal Journaling

I have many times in my past thought of starting a personal journal. I started at first a long time ago with a paper journal, and considered keeping a word processing document, but nothing ever seemed to work for me. In August 2004 with the opening of this blog I got a little closer to […]

New App: Match Maker Duplicate Finder

At some point over the last few hours I threw together this application, its a minor app. I needed a way to identify potentially duplicate files in a certain folder on my network, and I really didn’t want to do it manually, so here is a quick little program to take care of that task […]

Writing Destructive Code Is Fun

I don’t know why, but writing code that is somewhat destructive is really fun. I was thinking earlier that there is no way in ExIf35 itself to fully remove the configuration file and remove personally-identifying information from the application. This seemed like it could be a bad things, so I set out to make a […]

Cross Platform Compatibility Crushed

I discovered last night that Mono does not contain certain parts required to make ExIf35 work on other platform, mainly, the basic parts of the Windows Presentation Foundation, which allow the metadata writing components that I use to function. At the moment I have no idea how I am going to proceed. It has crossed […]

Working Around a Flaw

I have been fighting with a problem in code for several weeks now relating to the writing of a negative exposure bias value to exif information using the .NET framework’s metadata class. The class has a set of properties and a table of what is allowed to be written to each of those properties. Unfortunately […]