ExIf 35 Build 20121117

I spent some time working on ExIf 35 today. I got a large amount done regarding the implementation of auto-complete fields in both the main interface as well as in the add exposure window. This is only the third new build that I have produced since I stopped production of new builds in June 2010. I am slowly working back into working on ExIf35. I have lost sight of my goals with the application, but am gradually relearning how to use it for my own purposes. My work from today is reflected in my release notes file, copied below.

The build can be downloaded from: http://exif35.pcfire.net/downloads.php
The updated XMP specification: http://exif35.pcfire.net/docs.php?doc=xmpSpec
The updated fields list: http://exif35.pcfire.net/docs.php?doc=fields


ExIf 35 0.2.20121117
November 17, 2012

Release Information:
	*Released as Windows Executable
	*Released as Windows Installer

System Requirements (PC):
	*Must be running Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
	*Supports Windows 2000 and higher
	*Software is developed and tested on Windows 7
	*Change in functionality for roll number
	*New roll number now calculated as maximum observed + 1
	*Development temperature added to Additional Roll Information
	*Autocomplete added to: aperture, shutter speed, focal length
	*Autocomplete added to: ISO
	*Adaptive autocomplete added to: Auxilary Lens/Filter
	*Adaptive autocomplete added to: Developer Solution, Film Type

	*Development temperature is accepted in C or F, but will be stored
		and recorded to ExIf as C. Appropriate conversion will be made.

	*This build updates the XMP specification file and the fields
	*Website: http://exif35.pcfire.net
	*SourceForge: http://sf.exif35.pcfire.net

Developed By:
	*Curtis M. Kularski