Confusion in the Academic World

When I was a high school student I observed the confusion and difficulty that many college students had, I never really understood why they had problems with things that seemed so logical to me. I am still not understanding many of their issues, but I am now developing some of my own. As I am getting settled in to UNCC I am trying to prepare for next semester so that I can make sure that all of my chickens are accounted for when it is time to register for Spring courses. I am planning to register for one course from the Charlotte Area Academic Consortium, but am finding some very unusual circumstances with it. UNCC’s registrar states that I must get the approval of my advisor to register for the course, but I have not been assigned an advisor, therefore I am a little lost as to where to turn for that. Another thing that I find purely annoying is that there is only 1 paragraph in UNCC’s entire site that covers Consortium registration. Because of this I don’t know if I have to perform registration for the course manually as I usually would for CPCC (The member instition that I intend to take the course with), or if the registrar will be organizing the registration for me.
Maybe I am worrying too much for the first week of the semester. I suppose that I am worried because I am in what I now consider to be the actual working time of earning my degree. I want everything to go perfectly. Before this semester I could relax and enjoy college courses, take things slow and work at things I loved learning about, such as psychology, sociology, and art. I hate the idea of being sent to an advisor for registering for classes, I feel like I am being led by the hand into something that I have a great deal of judgement in. I like being considered mature enough to make my own decisions about my education, especially course selection. Many people question some of the things I have done for course registration, but I have my reasons for every course. I don’t choose my curriculum haphazardly (exception: Logic, i just felt like taking it). I intend to enjoy my college years, as such I will be taking courses that interest me while I am completing stuff for my major. As a result of this self declaration I will be taking CSC134 (C++ Programming) at CPCC in the spring as part of the Charlotte Area Educational Consortium.
On a non-complaining topic, I finished all of my homework for tomorrow already and am sort of looking for stuff to do until it is time for bed.