Week 1…Complete!

This evening I completed my first week of classes at UNCC. I survived! Emotionally I am adapting a lot better than I thought I would to the situation of being at UNCC every day. I am getting myself settled very gradually. I love the campus now that I know how to get around it. For all of you non-believers in my navigational ability (myself included): I survived week 1 with no malnavigation or inccorect arrival. I opted out of posting last night’s post (basicly i was tired and didn’t feel like it), but I had a good day yesterday with my Psychology class. I didn’t go to my Physics lab because I was told by Dr. Naeini that it wasn’t being held until week 2 of class. Abnormal Psyc was kind of interesting, although, I am the only MIS or related major in the whole class. I am alone in my field and general age group. Several of the members of the class have already earned one degree and are working on another. Today went by fast because I don’t have Engligh 1102 on Friday.
Since this week has concluded I am now thinking a little more about my selection of university. I’m not fully sure that I want to remain at UNCC for my degree. I have been called a “College Hopper” by many, including my hair stylist. It is true that UNCC is my 3rd college, but I have had different reasons for being at each college I have attended. UNCC was the one I had originally designated as being my “degree college”. It still might be, I will just have to determine from the availible data at the end of the semester if i really want to remind. In the mean time I will be applying to various other colleges that I think I could enjoy being enrolled at. I intend to live on campus at my next selection from the begining. The whole resident student thing is still pending for me as far as UNCC though, im not sure it is really worth it, especially if I am able to keep myself socially engaged enough to develop my independance and begin to imitate the other “young adults” I am surrounded by.
After I finished my classes today I went to Chris’s house to visit with him for a while. I visited with him and we went out shopping for a while, then we went back to his house to relax for a bit afterward. Somehow that type of thing seems to fit my personality more than something like partying. On the topic of partying, Matt Lamb, the person who is most logical and most responsible of all people I know, actually went to a party and had several alcoholic beverages this evening. This fact shocked me. I never thought of him as that type of person at all. In this event occuring I am forced to question my own level of self control, am I tuned a little too tight in that department? Maybe I am just scared that my self control will weaken and I will be suceptable to all of the evils of college life.
Another thing that occured this evening is I discovered that my parents are by no means ready to let me out of their lives. My father called me several times tonight while I was out to check on me. In my opinion this was acceptable for 4 months ago when I was still in high school, but I am 19, I am a college student and it is time for me to opperate independantly of my father’s dictatorship. I intend to have a discussion with him tomorrow about his lack of trust in me.
I have a lot of reading to do this weekend, but not an excessive amount of other work to do, so it should be a fairly relaxed weekend and I should be well rested on Monday for starting Week #2.