First Few Days

Monday was my first day of class. It was a bit much for me to experience, but it went better than I expected. The drive to the campus was filled with nervous thoughts, but went smoothly. Finding parking wasn’t as much of a nightmare as I imagined it to be, but it wasn’t the easiest task I had ever performed either. I was early for class and ended up waiting in one of the lounge areas of the McEniry building, while waiting I was still kinda nervous and wasn’t sure how to act. The first course of the day was Deductive Logic. The course is instructed by an unusual white-haired old lady by the name Dr. Judith Presler. I haven’t completely decided my opinion about her yet. After the short introduction to that course I moved on to Physics. The first impression of the physics instructor was a little more distinct and a little better than for Dr. Presler. Dr. Naeini seems to like the advantages of technology in teaching his course, this is something I appreciate in an instructor. I believe that Dr. Naeini will probably conduct a class that I can easily understand (as long as I can understand what he is saying behind that thick French Canadian accent). After Physics I have no more classes for an hour. Typically I would use this time to eat lunch or something logical, but on Monday I decided to just take the time as a time for reflection and analysis of the situation. I spent the time in Colvard building, it is an open building that is used as a tunnel between the academic area and the other side of the campus near Cone center. I sat at a table between the components of the building and watched students and staff travel on their way to various places on campus. Most of the people had cell phones talking to people, or were with a friend. I felt alone at the time because I had no one to talk to nor anyone to call (it was 2:00PM, everyone I know was asleep). I also wrote some notes to myself during the time. I thought a lot about my future and things like the future of my GITI utility (since this is a public blog i should probably discuss that at some point so everyone knows what it is). After my silent time I went to my English class in Winningham. I was expecting an old instructor for this course, sort of your ideal George Finney character. I was shocked when this person I thought was a student stood at the front of the room, said good afternoon and began putting her stuff down on the desk at the front. Mrs. Sara E. Miller Newman is the instructor, shortly after making this announcement she informed us that we were never to call her that, only to call her Betsy. In minutes this extreamly talkative and excited instructor began passing out the syllabis. There was a discussion of one of the points of the syllabis that I remember clearly, the talk about no talking about things off topic. This is another thing that will set Betsy off, according to the syllabis, Betsy cant deal with a situation where she looses her train of thought because she looses her temper when she “looses my choochoo and cant find it again”. I expect a colorful and not-so-quiet semester with her. She is the one instructor that I have seriously started to enjoy already in the one day I have known her. After a short session of English we were released to go. I went home and began cooking. An inquiry was made to whether or not I actually left when my parents arrived.
Tuesday was a very short day, I woke up at about 1PM for my 6:30PM class. I left the house at about 5:30PM. Traffic on I-85 was fine, until I was 1 mile from my exit, then it got bad. The Hwy 49 exit sucked, everyone was going slow and attempting to pass each other, that was a good waste of 10 minutes. Then I eventually arrived on campus only to find a nice line of traffic lined out of the road I needed to access. Few minutes wasted there, but finding a parking spot was actually easy. I then went to my class location and waited with my classmates, some of which are really attractive, until the instructor arrived. Professor Jim Frakes is the instructor, he is an ok guy it seems. He appears to be very passionate about art, which since the course is art focused I assume it is a good thing. The class was very short, only an hour, then we were released to go. I came home, ate dinner and began doing various things around my home, including working on GITI and talking to a friend on the phone. This brings us to my life at present which is filled with concern about the coming days and my future. I have been told by many that I need to calm down about it all. I have to agree, I dont know when I have ever been this stressed out about something so small before.
2 days completed, 114 (including weekends) to go. And life in the Curtis universe continues in a way that only I, Curtis, can live it.