Settling In to UNCC

Today I had the same schedule as Monday, but I was a lot more comfortable. Shortly after going to my first class I noticed that I was a little too comfortable, I had made a fairly bad mistake when putting things into my bags last night. My English notebook, containing my assignment that was due, was not in the bag. This would be cause for major alarm for most students, but for me it was just a moment of stupidity. Because my personality tends to be fault tollerent for my mistakes, there was already a plan in place to handle such an occurance. After Physics I proceded to Barnard Computer Lab, from there I logged in to CMK4 through FTP and grabbed a copy of the assignment, printed it and then breathed a sigh of relief. Moments like today remind me how important it is that I keep up with my current ways as far as maintaining my server for stuff like keeping my assignments backed up. Today I rediscoverd my hate for Novell in the lab. One of the nicest things about the lab is that there a lot of people similar to me in there, techies and people who procrastinate. After being in the lab for a while it was time for ENGL1102. I went to the class on time, waited with the rest of the students in the hall until the slow class that has the room before us finally left. After a short time Betsy arrived and we began class. The assignment I had printed shortly before was collected, redistrubuted and we did an interesting activity with it. The assignment was a letter of introduction, we read the letter of one other member of the class and told the class a little about the person. Sort of a unique way for us to learn some stuff about each other and become a little closer. That was pretty much my day, kinda boring, but if you are reading this then you are at least as bored as I am.