Went, Saw, Ready to Conquer!

Today, as planned I ventured out to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to explore the campus, become familar with the campus and be ready for Monday. I had a slight misnavigation today as I disobeyed my natural sense of direction (which failed in the past). I went up and around Housing North from the East parking area instead of going down the sidewalk and across a street to where the main academic area actually is. In 1 day, 9 hours I will be on campus and seated for my first class. These days seem almost surreal, this can’t be happeneing, my life can not have progressed this far for ME, Curtis M. Kularski, to be a college student. In the time I have spent on the many things I waste time with (staring into space, autonomously checking email, etc) I could have been out enjoying my life. Only in the past few months have I discovered how to act independantly from outside instruction. I have been making decisions about my education by myself for over 4 years, but there had always been some sort of outside force directing me to the path I take.
In the time since I have returned from UNCC this evening I have had a chance to think about the many things I need to accomplish this semester in addition to going to class. I discovered that I need to take credit by examination tests for INFO2130 (Intro to Computing) and ITCS1214 (Intro to Computer Sci). Anyone who knows me knows that those classes are not needed for someone like me. I have had a keyboard under my fingers almost as long as I have been able to speak. There is only one reason I have to take the ITCS1214 exam, because my certifications aren’t recognized by the university. I assume this is because the certifications can be obtained by people who cheat on the exams. It really sucks that the cheaters of the world can steal the reputation of Microsoft Cerified Professionals and Microsoft Certified System Administrators like me. I will also be taking the math proficiency exam again, I only missed calculus level by 2 questions on the last attempt. I will be preparing for the test over the next few days and attempt to take the test at one of the insanely early times set asside by the UNCC math department.
In the time since I returned from my adventure I have been given access to the syllibus for one of my classes, Abnormal Psychology (PSYC3151). It looks like it will be simple and kind of easy, as long as I do the assignments, and in classes like that where I enjoy the topic I always complete everything.
I feel very confident in my ability to go on campus and find all of my classes, I also feel comforted by thoughts of the campus and spending the next few years there. It is a beautiful place with mostly friendly people, like a small town in some ways. I expected it to be more like a big city due to its location and size difference compared to Gaston College.
As the title of the entry states, I went to UNCC, Saw the classrooms and now I am ready to conquer my future! Onward I must go…..