A Good Time for Change?

In my past few blog entries I have mentioned my changing life, how things will no longer be the same for me. I have been generally very selfish in my observation of the changes. For me things will be different because of independance, strange schedules and the possibility for a lot more social interaction. For my parents the change will be more dramatic, I will be out of the house more, be around a lot of new people and generally be more away from their life. There is a mental/attitude change which many college students are said to go through during their first year not being directly conncected to home, if this is the case my parents are in for a lot of suprises. I function as tech support for my family, they rely on me. the status-quo is no more, after 17 years of fairly predictable behavior (give ’em two years credit, they aren’t psycic) they can’t count on that anymore. As for changes for the rest of my family, my aunt can probably look forward to me being around her more often, simply because I will be in the area more. Some changes happen because they must, such as me growing up and my predictability being broken. Others happen because they can, such as me having more time to myself and me being able to be happier with myself. There are also things that never change, such as my relationships with my friends. My best friend Chris is the most reliable example of this, I can always count on him. I look forward to being able to come home and be able to call him and still have that familiarity, the one unchanging variable of my life. My weekends will end up being my only escape from most of the changes, and after a while I will probably be affected by the changes so greatly that it won’t matter anymore and my new college-educated self will appear.
One of the more interesting things to do when change occurs is to watch for external changes, changes in other people, whether as a result of you or not. We as humans are not designed to be static characters, we change each day. Some of us adapt to things in our environments, others simply learn something new and use it to its fullest to improve their lives. The nature of the universe is fairly uncertain to us wee creatures on this tiny speck of a globe that we call home. We percieve things most of the time as having width, height and depth only, but what about the temporal directions? For all we know the reality we percieve is merely the other side of a decision to be made, one of many thousand possibilities. In the analysis of time we see our time as the “main timeline”, but can we really justify calling ours the primary? Arent all of the timelines equally important? Changes occur in time by simply changing a direction of something, the infinite list of what ifs that placed us on this time track were merely changes. With things such the begining of time we must ask ourselves if it is truely the begining. Is it our begining of time only? Do all timelines have the same starting point? If we said yes, then we would have to conclude that the begining of time and the universe (for the sake of document structure, lets call big bang the begining) relied on the single event occuring at the exact moment in which it did, if not it wouldn’t have been the begining. Thats where we get into different time lines again though, if it was an option for time to begin when it did, then it would have to be contained within another timeline, going back to an infinitely far away point of time 0. Maybe not everything has to have a begining and an end, even at the end of our solar universe when earth is swallowed by our sun turning giant, the timeline(s) still remain. Maybe we don’t exist after all?