Freshman 15

I have been doing a lot of theoretical thinking in the past few hours. What is the Freshman 15 truely? In all reality I should be affected by the freshman 15 because this is my first semester on a real university campus. What is the origin of the “Freshman 15” term?
Being the student of Psychology that I am, my analysis leads me to believe that the “Freshman 15” is linked to a psychological cause based on the newfound freedoms and independance experienced. It could also be the body’s physiological response to the stresses placed on the person during the time. Like a lot of things, the freshman 15 seems to be affecting me in the reverse of what it is supposed to. It is supposed to be a 15lbs weight gain during the expanse of the first year of college. So far I have lost about 5 pounds from my total weight since the semester began. If I go to the total opposite, a loss of 15lbs, I will be a little concerned and will find a way to correct the situation. My body does seem to be finding its own way to balance things recently.
Another possibility for the Freshman 15 is that it is a fallacy of college. Just one of those myths that start from a few isolated cases. The food on campus isn’t good enough to gain 15lbs from.
I personally intend to take whatever messures are required to make sure that I stay healthy throughout my college career. I am currently attempting to shape my body and make myself stronger and healthier than before. I want to use this time (college) to enhance my body as well as my brain. I like how my body is coming along so far, I need to be more focused on the health aspect of it than on the physical appearence. I could easily become ego obsessed and loose my mind with making my body harder and more shaped.
I really shouldn’t be bloging at this hour…2:30AM and all is not well in my world.