This evening I began a quest, a quest for the perfect minor for me. I will most likely graduate from UNCC (or wherever) as a Management Information Sustems major, but I am deeper than just that. MIS is the degree for me to have to be a professional in my prefered working area. I don’t want to work in Psychology, I just want to experience it. I would really love to officially declare a minor, but I don’t know what to declare, there are so many decent minors for me. The options are as follows:

  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Philosophy
  • Computer Science
  • French
  • Kinestology
  • Mathematics (no, this isn’t a joke, conquering the fear can only be done head on)
    I know my options are kinda wide, but I have a lot of interests and they have been growing for a long time. Philosophy is a new addition to the list. I think I would like to do it, because then I am not limited in possibilities for doctoral studies should I attempt to persue them. The whole doctoral thing for me would be for the purpose of me acheiving that as a goal, and also to have a non-mandatory expansion of my knowledge of a field. Philosophy would be sort of the traditional field for that type of expansion. I have always been fascinated by the ancient knowledge of philosophers. There is a painting, a fresco, “the School of Athens” that sort of exemplifies what I want in my knowledge. The fresco is split in the middle between the schools of thought, Plato on the right, Arestole on the left. Plato being of the more structured philosohies based on math, logic and anything of pure structure. Aerestotle on the left has his group of open minded free thinkers of less defined and less certain rules to the thought. The fresco contains people from Pathagoreous to Socrates. Lots of great minds, the collective genious exemplifies what I would like to one day attain. Having enlightened thought isn’t something I do regularly, but it would be cool to have more capability for that.
    There is so much knowledge in this world to learn and I can never know it all, but I would like to attempt most of it. I am aware that there is a great amount of mystery still left in this expanding universe. As an intelligent individual I would like to persue the possibilities for pondering the greatest mysteries and establish theories for each.
    I am probebly overly ambitious, but who cares, lol.
    Summary of today (since the entry deviated): went to logic, understood most of what Dr. P said. Logic went by fairly quickly. I ran to Physics as fast as I could so that I could be on time for the 12:55 exam slot. I got a little worried when I got to question 3 of the exam and was informed of 25 minutes of the exam time remaining. This really caused me to drop the thoroughness shit and take the test in a fast pace manner. I think I did well, I finished the 10 question test with 7 minutes remaining. It was kinda scary, but not too bad. I hope Dr. Naeini is easy on grading, especially with the formula usage. I know if i made mistakes it was in the calulation portion, i think most of my final answers are right. Enlgish was decent today. Went to class for 5 minutes, went with Betsy to get the DVD player from the library and then we went to the Cone center and started watching “Bowling for Columbine”. We will be analyzing it for argumentation quality. We finish it Wednesday.
    That concludes today, I will finish my minor search and get back to blogging about it once something is clearly defined.

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    1. That’s romantic. Wanting to know everything in the world is every intellects’ dream! I wish I could. Very nice thought though, its refreshing to see a thirst for knowledge over the aversion of the public institution.

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