is today a day of scheduled fuckups that someone forgot to tell me about?

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Can today get any weirder? First I had issues with my vehicle on the way to the campus this morning. This displeased me only slightly because it has been acting strangely anyway and was expected.
In Logic I recieved my test back, it was a lower grade than I expected, it was a 90.25, which isn’t too bad, but adds to the general pattern of the day. I am overall doing ok with Logic, but I want to make sure I have an A in the course at the end. I enjoy the course, but today was a day of high stress. I moved on to Physics after Logic, this went better, kinda…. We started with vector quantities and using angles to discover certain details about a problem. This is floating a little over my head and making me feel lightheaded. Physics overall wasn’t that bad today, but I am having the same issues with it as I did in high school. I have to keep reminding myself that I have done this before and I can do it again. English was worse than usual. There was an in-class timed writing done in the form of a reflective essay. I am not certain that mine is even legible, or coherent. I don’t do well with timed writings, especially not when I have to do it by hand. I need to be able to type to effectively use my time for writing.
The trip home was relatively uneventful. When I arrived at home I discovered that FedEx has been operating differently from their normal pattern, a package due for arrival tomorrow, but arrived at their facility early arrived here today. It adds to the oddity of the day, but is a good thing I guess. I also noticed an oddity with the gate when I entered it this afternoon, it wasn’t locked and my father was the last one out. Typically my father always locks anything that can be locked. Upon entering the house and attempting to connect to AIM to chat for a bit I discovered that the AIM network wasn’t allowing me to log in, after a while I could log in but without appearing as being there or having access to by lists. That issue was eventually resolved, but not before I was getting myself close to panic attack status.
Tonight I started on my physics homework that is due Monday. I am having issues recalling how to work with angles to determine 2 dimensional motion. This stuff sucks, I dont want to have to do this. Why didn’t I just sign up for biology or something? Or maybe use Anthropology as my other science and then take Psychology lab to meet that requirement. I have for now stopped with my physics homework until Friday when I can get more of an explanation from Dr. Naeini as to what I am doing. Worst thing this evening is that I managed to frustrate myself by looking for my old high school physics notebook to get assistance from. I couldn’t find it and got irritated, then I felt that I needed chocolate, none is availible in this house, my mother has even depleted her spare supply. I have now calmed down a bit and can now get agitated over the Abnormal Psychology test tomorrow, this should be fun.