procrastinatus – literally translated it is forward tomorrow. It is sometimes a pleasurable thing, other times it just bites you in the ass. I personally am a big fan of procrasination. I work well under the pressure of a deadline and as such this isn’t such a bad thing for me, especially when I don’t really mind doing what I am putting off. I am the type of procrastonee who can put things off and get them done if I really want to, but I can also put things off until the 12th of never, if I really don’t want to do what it is that I am putting off. GITI is designed for me and therefore designed for people who procrastinate. GITI doesn’t give major warnings when something is overdue, it simply presents the list in order of what needs to be done when. The user sets their own pace, draws their own conclusions and sets off their own alarms.
I have been known to put things off for many reasons, pretty much everything except for I have something better to do. Some times I would rather stare into space for 5 hours than get started on my logic homework a little early. A lot of this has to do with my moods I suppose. I have moods when I don’t want to do anything, then I have other moods when I am in an overachieving persona and have the need to make GITI’s lists show zero items (basicly do everything that needs to be done in the next 15 days). Another thing that makes me procrastinate is my fear of getting started. If I have a paper to write I will likely not start it until I know exactly how the first sentance will read. I can’t just start writing a paper and have no idea what I will open the paper with. I can’t stand having papers to start with a line that sounds like it should be the conclusion. I have been told by many instructors that I am a talented writer, but I don’t see this most of the time when I can’t even get started. Sometimes my procrastination is fueled by a pure lack of motivation. Something to do exists, I am doing nothing and there is nothing to make me think that I would actually want to try to start anything. I have had close calls before though when I have felt like I had to get started and I sort of made myself have a pseudo motivation in the form of a deadline to push me towards getting started. Once I am started with something I dont typically end until I finish it, unless it is something that is obviously too time consuming for that. Projects that seem insignificant to me usually end up being done at the last minute because I know how I want to do it and it doesnt involve me actually spending multiple thought sessions on the project. In High school I always hated having the library day for projects. There was no point for me, I always had my research already done and the project couldnt really be easily constructed while I was in the library. Got to love having only inferior technology at your disposal. At least at UNCC I feel like I can do some stuff here. I have a decent Internet connection and the other technology is ok.
I have found that in the event I need a reason to procrastinate I can always find one or create one. Making excuses is an art for for the procrastinee.
Procrastination is an enemy for many students, and simply a temporary block for others, but in some way or another it affects us all.