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Today was about as uninteresting as days at UNCC get for me. I was exactly on schedule this morning (in my carefully timed world I can only do this occasionally without being totally screwed), I had no seconds to spare, but at the same time was in no danger of being late. I was in sight of McEniry when I here this familar voice beside me talking on a cell phone. The voice was Elizibeth Park, a friend of mine from Highland. I poked her in the arm and went on, she concluded her cell phone call and chased me down. I don’t know that a more convienient plot could have been written for her. She needed help preparing for her Unix Proficiency Exam, and there I was. The time it took me to talk to her cost me my schedule, but no big deal. I agreed to help her after my Physics class. I then went to Logic where Dr. Preseler was just starting to unpack her materials. After Logic I went to Physics. In Physics we made an attempt to use the Clicker devices (little green remotes for responding to questions). The attempt failed and Dr. Naeini assures us that he will have them working on Wednesday. After Physics I met Elizibeth at Smith Building to assist her with the preperation for the proficiency exam. The Unix lab was pretty much empty except for a few students. I was expecting purely command line functionality but was pleased that there was an interface availible. I don’t know nearly enough Unix. My function with Elizibeth was mostly as a support role to help her be calm through the material. She is very intelligent, but stresses easily. I helped Elizibeth until 3PM when I went to English. Not much to tell about English for today, we peer reviewed papers and were complemented for being an efficient group, then we were dismissed about 45 minutes early. For homework and stuff I just have to do some logic homework that combines the concepts of the past 2 weeks, Physics has the standard homework due Monday and an English paper is to be completed and ready to turn in as a 2nd draft quality document on Wednesday. Final is due on Monday. None of my other classes really have any outside assignments to be done. I’m a little worried about Western History and Culture, I feel so disconnected from the class.
This evening my focus has been on working with GITI and attempting to develop a better interface for it. That isn’t going too well, and so far I have created more new bugs in GITI than ever before. Most of the problems are related to sessions. For some reason the thing attempts to make multiple sessions or at least multiple copies of the same session run at once. Issues occur mostly in going back in pages. Forward linear navigation works fine. The concept of the new GITI will be tested in a few days as it becomes functional and maybe useful. The next step will be to build a navigation system that doesn’t run in frames and that can float over the interface. I am seeing something in DHTML or JS. For the most part I just want the thing to work and be more efficient than the current version of GITI.

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