Why do blog entries have titles?

Why do the developers of MovableType give me the Title field? My entries are usually about my life, from some aspect or another. Today’s entry was sort of planned, but has not a central theme to use for the title. GITI’s Journal utility, which is used for my personal journal (sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but I dont put my deepest thoughts in my blog), uses only dates to file entries.
I was informed this morning that my father will be working nights this week. I was initially agitated by the news because it usually means more interaction between me and him is required. I realized something though, for most of the week I will be leaving while he is still in bed and then when I come home he will be gone at least until I am in bed. Friday I will be arriving a few minutes after he leaves and have the house to myself for several hours. This should actually be a very calm and peaceful week if all plans are followed correctly.
In my technological world some unexpected (but controlled) shake ups are occuring. I have decided that GITI has a great deal of functional completeness and at this point doesn’t really any more code to be stable and functional, because of this I will be focusing on creating a new interface for GITI. Background code will likely remain the same, but the front end will change drasticly, starting with the implementation of CSS. As of 3:45PM this afternoon GITI version 1.0, front end, back end, and database were stored to a backup directory. This is in anticipation of the pending changes to GITI as a whole. It is unlikely that I will do a complete rollback of GITI, but depending on what I do to it, it may be required that both a development and stable version run at the same time. I remember a time in my life (August 2003) when GITI wasn’t required and was just a development project for me to work on. Now I rely on GITI for my daily functioning, especially in an academic sense. For GITI’s new interface I plan to make it smoother, less framed and somehow not square. I used to pride myself on the fact that any HTTP 1.1 compatible browser could read GITI and interpret it correctly. This was a nice little fantasy, but sometimes technology needs to grow up and developers need to work with what is availible to them. At this point my standard will be verifying that IE and FireFox both can work with GITI correctly. I use FireFox at home because I like it and IE in campus labs, because I have to. This project should be a nice little adventure for me to take on.

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  1. Curtis, I can’t wait for you to realize you’re an author so you can weave the tale of your life. Entertaining and inspiring, I’m moved by your dynamic and changing world, and feel like even though we haven’t seen one another in three months I know more about you now than ever. Keep up the good writing.

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