Testing, Testing

Pop quizes, placement tests and Credit Exams…College sure is fun. I don’t know of a time in my life when I have had so many tests to take at about the same time. At the present time it looks like I will be taking the UNCC Math Department’s Placement Test in an attempt to qualify for Calculus, then I will be taking a few exams for credit/excemption. I plan to take the exams for INFO2130 and ITCS1214. I just can’t see myself seriously registering for a course called “Intro to Business Computing” or “Intro to Computer Science”. The biggest benefit to doing these courses by examination is the ability to have additional elective slots to utilize. Currently I only have 1 elective remaining in my 120 hour plan. Another benefit to taking credit exams is the feeling at the end if you pass. It is a feeling of accomplishment, unlike when you finish an exam at the end of the semester for a normal course. That is closer to “woohoo, im glad thats over!”. While I am thinking about these exams it also comes into concious thought that I am still lacking 2 exams from my MCSE. Those are 2 exams I should seriously consider taking ASAP to complete my requirements before Microsoft decides to no longer offer MCSE on Windows 2000.
If anyone is interested in the pop-quiz (which seems less significant now than it did before), it was in Deductive Logic, and I think I scored pretty well on it, but I can’t be certain until Dr. Pressler grades them.