Got web space, got domains. Now what?

In recent years I have collected domain names, let some go, obtained new ones and kept that cycle going. I have had so many domains but so few sites. I am now presented with another new URL that has come under my possession, at least temporarily. I should really think about doing some major web-development. Perhaps since my laptop is with me most of the time now (at least, on Thursdays) I should find a quiet spot and begin a few creations. My newest address is This is my campus page, it currently has nothing on it, but maybe one day it will. I am thinking about making a page about my academic interests to fill this space, could be interesting to see what I come up with. The content for the page must be static HTML pages, so I guess I will use FrontPage 2003 as provided by the generous labs at UNCC for this project. I know that just because I have web space doesn’t mean I have to use it, but I feel like in my major and areas of interest I should do it. It looks like I am going to have a few hours to kill each Thursday, in addition to my break on Monday and Wednesday. Monday and Wednesday breaks are really more of just breaks though, not a major gap of time. By the time I seek nutrition and navigate across campus there isn’t much time left. This is my first blog entry direct from my home away from home, Barnard Computer Lab. Other than blogging I have so far checked email, verified practicality of using CMK4 to host my data, and added some of my notes from Tuesday’s LBST2101 course to Microsoft OneNote. I am seriously considering the Dell Axim now, I rely heavily on being in contact with a computer to keep myself organized. My laptop’s role has been redefined from what it previously was speculated to be in this situation. Primarily it exists to be useful in a non-class environment (except Physics lab, too many Macs in there) where I can actually utilize its resources over the lab (such as say, SPEED!). I really love being able to have my own personal computer here with me, makes me feel less lonely on campus sometimes.
On a less technical note, I made a social discovery earlier. I don’t really lack social skills as badly as I think, this environment just isn’t conducive to me being socially active. All of my classes are Lecture classes, and they pretty much are just that, lectures. No time to talk for anyone except for the instructor. English is a little better because Betsy encourages us to interact with each other, especially when she is being spastic. In the physics lab today I started talking to Ryan, the person I assume will be my lab partner for the semester. He is a really nice guy, he is a fire protection major, and seems to know his way around a science lab. For me today the lab sucked, we were expected to messure mass with manual sliding scales. I am an electronic scale kinda guy personally, it is faster, more acturate and doesn’t require me to think that much. Press tare, put object on scale and then read the number. The lab instructor is MORE understandable than Dr. Naeini. Kamran Ahmad is his name, he is very helpful, speaks clearly and is very nice to students. My biggest complaint about the lab is that only Mac computers reside in it. I can’t take myself seriously if I am having to write scientific reports about experiments on a MAC!. I now know why this campus is on Novell, there are Macs in Burson (as well as college of Arts and Sciences), Unix based systems in the engineering areas and about the only place to find a decent PC on campus is in Barndard or floating around campus in an instuctor’s hands.
This concludes my report from Barnard lab, I must now go out into the world, seek caffine and read abnormal psychology.