The results are in

My first week of test results are in and they look pretty good. Logic is a 90.625, Abnormal Psychology is 90, and Intro to Physics is 101.
I was really suprised by all of the scores. I felt that Deductive Logic should have been a higher score. I prepared for the test and I understand the material, but I guess I got careless when I was taking the test and missed a few things or didn’t think something out fully enough. Abnormal Psychology I wasn’t expecting to do so well in because I didn’t really study, I missed a night of class and I don’t really ever take decent notes. With Physics I was almost certain I had screwed up 2 of the 10 problems. I guess I was wrong. I understand Physics pretty well, but it is very math based and I never do that well with any form of math.
I am still waiting for scores for my English 1102 paper and my Western History and Culture test. I think I did well on the paper, but I am pretty sure I didn’t do well on the Western History and Culture test. I will post my devistation when those scores are availible.