Lack of Posting

It has been a few days since I last posted. It is likely that this blog will end up not serving the purpose of documenting the best times I had in college, because so far whenever something fun or exciting happens I end up not being at the keyboard and don’t feel like writing much about the event when I get back. Friday after my classes I went to see my best friend, Chris. We went to do a few things he needed to get done, then we went to the mall and did some other stuff. Not an extreamly exciting time for the typical college student, but I enjoyed it. Saturday was spent on sleep recovery and cleaning up my living area a little. Today (Sunday) was spent with Chris again, but this time at my house. We set up a linux server and reorganized my closet. Sometimes with the way Chris and I interact I feel like I have known him my entire life. Best friends like him are hard to find.
The point of this post which I was eventually going to get to was: when the blog gets quiet, there is no reason for alarm amoungst the loyal citizens of the Internet. Between entries I live, if I live through an entry period, then I am doing better than is usually expected.
Curtis’s Daily Checklist:
– Eat
– Sleep
– Breath
– Blog
– Homework
It seems that simply living isn’t on my list of priority items for each day. Perhaps I need to schedule a time to reevaluate my priorities. Where would that fall on my daily task list though?
Who decided that 24 hours in a day were enough, and that humans require sleep?
Sleep is inefficient and a waste of time. We musnt sleep, FIGHT THE UNCONCIOUS MENACE!