Free Time – The One Event I Can’t Schedule

I just arrived on campus a few minutes ago, prepared to go to Deductive Logic, and sort of excited about it. Upon arriving at McEniry 122 I discovered a note stating that class was cancelled due to Mrs. Dr. Presler being ill. I now find myself with an hour of free time before Physics. My first instinct here was to begin finding things to fill this time, such as take care of registering for my credit by examination a few hours ahead of schedule, but then what would I do in that block of time? It is my natural tenancy to want to schedule things and fill blocks of time simply because they exist. I am finding that at the moment, doing nothing (grabbing a soda, being in Barnard and wasting time) seems to fit this time nicely. There are other things I could be doing now, such as going to the gym, running around the track, reading additional material for my classes, or any number of things for the excersizing of my body or mind. At this point though, I think it is best for me to just chill and enjoy one of the carefree moments I have while on this campus.
The rest of my day is still scheduled to be mostly normal I believe. Dr. Naeini is on campus today, I don’t know about Betsy but I would assume that she is here also. Between Physics and English I will take care of my registration for credit by examination with the College of Bussiness Administration. I originally planned to get the registration done on Monday, but that sort of fell through.
I have been very lax about blogging recently, but I don’t particularly care, this doesn’t have to be a once a day thing, I just like doing it occasionally, such as right now when I am inspired to write something.