The Problem With Scaled Grading

I don’t know if I could get any sicker of scaled grading at the moment! I am attempting to make GITI calculate my final course grade for all of my classes based on the many scaled grading systems in use. This should have been a non-issue and very simple to accomplish. Only one problem, the theory behind each instructor’s scaled grading on the syllibis assumes that all grades for the entire semester are already availible. At the current time I am using my physics grade as a sample to compare to. WebAssign (the utility for the course) calculates my grade to be 97.003%, whereas GITI in its current capacity (holistic, all scaling = 1) gives me a 99.029 and a sample spreadsheet I used to test the math of the situation and simulate the grading system came up with 99.33 or 98.62, depending upon the treatment of the tests as all being 30%, or as each being worth 10%. GITI in the end would use the 30% for all method most likely, unless I decide to assign percentage values per-assignment (wouldn’t that be a bitch?). I have always sucked with math and as such it is difficult for me to make GITI do what I want with my grade information. I will apply my theories to GITI throughout the semester and if everything comes out right with the final grades being the same based on the sample spreadsheets then I will finalize the code in GITI and let it help me keep up with scoring. I am not overly anal about scoring, it is ok if GITI is off by a percentage point or two, as long as it is roughly correct. Different instructors keep track of grades different ways, and I can only realisticly do it one way in GITI (while retaining my sanity). What really scares me is that I am going to have to implement some javascript into GITI if I want my assignment manager to be as clean and user friendly as I envision it to be. Selecting a course has to reset the Assignment Type field to show what types are valid for that particular course.
I have class in a few minutes and should probably be thinking about that instead of thinking about GITI, but I guess I have to think about something in my spare time.