Academic Awareness

Through my senior year in high school I was certain of what I wanted my college major to be and swore I would never change it. That major was Information Technology. A few months after I was accepted to UNCC I sent notification of changing my major to Psychology because I had a change in my life that inspired me to escape my technology closet and enter a world of humans. Information Technology required too much math and Psychology involved too much biology, so both of those were bad. I went to SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising and Registration) as a psychology student, or so I thought. My records had been slightly skewed due to an error at the Undergraduate records office, this placed me in the Pre-Business field somehow, and also managed to exempt me from SOAR completely (yeah, the DOS was pissed about that one, but she’s a bitch). From being declared as Pre-Business I found a great new path for myself, a path to my seemingly ideal major, Management Information Systems. Basicly, IT with some busisness skills and not as much math. Up until January 10th I could change my major again without any ill effect, but I think I am happy where I am for this major, and once I add a minor I will have something more to shoot for in my future. I entered this whole situation thinking I knew my life path and knowing what I wanted form the university, I had no clue! I am now finding myself wanting to get involved and start to know people. I am heavily considering a minor in Philosophy at this point, however, I will not lock myself in permenantly to that, I could see myself doing a double major with Philosophy, but I am not mentally preapred to make that commitment yet. According to the current requirements and registration path I have 48 hours remaining of my MIS degree, that is roughly 2.5 semesters, which places my graduation at Fall 2006. I would have spent only 2.5 years on my BS degree from high school graduation. I am not prepared to make things go that fast. I will take at least one elective per semester, that will extend me to Spring 2007, even though I am supposed to graduate in Spring 2008 and am allowed until Spring 2009. Another aspect for me to consider is the fact that I have to have 53 more hours to graduate, so I need 5 elective hours on top of my requrements, I think I can do that though, with how much I love my electives :-).
A lot of people have asked why I am considering Philosophy, well, there are a lot of reasons. First is the people, I feel so welcomed by the Philosophy department and its staff, even though I don’t officially belong to them yet. Next is my general interest in the subject area. I have always been fascinated by the great minds of the past, but was highly turned off by history courses. I enjoy learning the theories and ideas of these antique thinkers, even if some of them lack validity. Many of the modern theories and ideas are based on something from the old greek and roman thinkers. Another reason I like the topic area is the tradition of it, it is one of the oldest departments to exist in a college and has earned its place as a distinquished art.
I think my ultimate goal is to be happy with what I am doing while in college and let things afterwards figure themselves out when the time comes.