An Update

Where did November go? I think at some point I found myself ignoring the installation of MovableType on the domain.
My classes are going well and are reaching that critical point in the semester when the final lectures are being given and exams are being completed and we are all breathing a sigh of relief, we freshmen (yes, I am including myself in that group even though I have 46 49 credit hours) have survived our first semester of college life. One year ago I was at HST still wondering what university I would attend (if any) and trying to determine a life path for myself. Now I am here and know what to expect from life for a little while, although at times a few curves are good to keep things interesting.
My schedule for Spring 2005 has been created and it is:

  • Introduction to Business Programming
  • Principles of Accounting I

  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Calculus I (through a registration miracle)
  • Global Connections: Communications
  • Major Figures in Philosophy: Plato
    For those of you with access to the course catalog (here), that is: ITCS2231, ACCT2121, ECON2102, MATH1120, LBST2102, PHIL3060.
    I am taking PHIL3060 because Dr. Presler reccomended it, and she is teaching it. I enjoy philosophy and am currently considering adding a philosophy minor to my degree (after that course I only need 6 more hours). I am not too excited about my other courses at the moment, except for ITCS2231, it is being offered for the first time in Spring 2005 and is a new requirement for MIS majors who dont declare before then (thats me, im officially still Pre-Bus). I wish we could pre-declare and lock in things, like declare Pre-MIS and be able to lock in our catalog of requirements (any major change requires a reset of the catalog ID to the ID of the semester in which you change majors).
    On the issue of my ticket, my attorney has it and will be appearing in court for me and I don’t have to worry about anything (at least I dont think I do). I hate knowing that I have to keep my speeds down. I like to go fast, really fast, especially when 85 is empty.
    I am about to go to LBST2101 (Western History and Culture), it is my last class this week. I am not sure what I am going to do for the rest of the week, I kind of want to do some fun stuff, sort of want to do some academic stuff and I also want to lay around and be lazy. These are all incompatible goals that can not be acheieved at the same time. GITI needs some work, but so do my Abnormal Psychology article reviews. I have a lot that I can do, I guess I will attempt to get some of it done and just be a little lazy.

    Quote of the Day: (in a male vally-girl tone) “uh! you are so absent minded”