Testing Competency Through Forced Situations

I am a person of precise planning and coordination of every major and minor life event. This evening before I departed for UNCC I decided to check the UNCC campus map to determine an alternative route to my normal parking lot due to the traffic that occurs on my normal route (which is more direct). I found the route and had it all planned in my head, only one small detail I overlooked, the map is 2 years old! When I arrived at the campus I was forced to adapt to a change in the road that I was planning to use, there was more of it than there was before and it took a slightly different path. For a moment this confused me until I decided to just go with what I felt, I made the turn, not knowing for certain wether it was the right one or not, then I suddenly realized it was, at about the time I passed the road that contained my parking lot….ooops. Time for plan B, cut across another parking lot (which I soon recognized as parking lot 6, my secondary parking location). In a few seconds after my mistake I was in the correct location and parked. Why do I fear making navigational mistakes so much? Roads are apparently designed to help us avoid them, and humans are adaptive enough to not have to worry much about something not being exactly perfect in a plan. I guess I am navigationaly competent after all (well, as long as i know my destination).