In Search of an Email Server

Last night it was determined that Ipswitch IMail on my server is no longer serving my purposes well because of its weird records system (using Windows Registry) as well as its harsh handling of large SMTP loads and IMAP requests. I have determined that I need to replace it with something a little better. My biggest issues are the cost of good email server software and the fact that the server I want to run it on at this time is Windows. Then there are other issues that occur, such as my need for a highly customizable email soloution. I have a special alias-based system working against a wildcard that I have to consider as well as the need to deliver email to a Perl-based bot that I have to think about when considering new email server solutions. I know that Microsoft Exchange is a hell no because it would probably try to fondle the bot in the proccess of delivering email to it. I really wish i could just convince myself that my network can run on a Linux server, but at the moment I don’t understand Linux enough, or have enough of a clue as to how to do what I want without Active Directory existing. Perhaps I can do something with it when Novell released their new server software. Unforuntately the email situation seems a little more critical at the moment than Novell’s release schedule.
Since I first started using Imail I have been very happy with it and wish I could justify its long term continuation on this network, but I can’t. At the same time I need a good email server that meets my requirements. Outsourcing is not an option here, because I like for things to be my fault when things fail, also, outsourcing would cause the bot to not be happy because it would no longer be able to get its mail direct from the server.
This is something I have a lot of thinking to do for. I don’t know how I will find the answer, but I will keep at it until I do. If all else fails I will learn to write source code better and I will modify some open source email solutions to make them fit my needs.

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