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Wed Dec 8

PHIL2105: Test 4


Wed Dec 8

PHYS1101: Homework 13 and 14


Wed Dec 8

ENGL1102: Rogerian Outline


Tue Dec 14

LBST2101: Final Exam


Wed Dec 15

PHIL2105: Final Exam


Wed Dec 15

ENGL1102: Final Exam


Thu Dec 16

PSYC3151: Final Exam


Fri Dec 17

PHYS1101: Final Exam


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Well, thats GITI’s interpretation of the next few days at UNCC for me. Only 8 more assignments have to be cleared before the semester is closed. I am a little excited, this is the end of my first semester at UNCC. I survived without any major incursion with reality, however, I don’t think I have presented myself enough socially since I arrived at UNCC, that is something I need to work on for next semester. I can’t let myself go my entire time at UNCC without meeting at least a few people. So far I have enjoyed being at UNCC and feel as though the place has the potiential for improving me as a person, however I have to make myself open for that improvement and not see myself as a mindless drone going to record information to be recited for the final exam. Logic is my current favorite course because I feel like it has had some impact on the way I think. I haven’t attained the logic of a vulcan yet, thats where advanced logic comes in, but I have definately begun seeing things differently. I sometimes find myself laughing at people who try to memorize logic formulas, it isn’t about memorization, it is about the thought proccess being created where you know what is actually happening.
I can’t believe this semester is coming to a close so quickly. It still seems like it just started. I guess now the only thing I can do is prepare for next semester and try to focus on improving myself.