Another one bites the dust….

My Abnormal Psychology class met for the last time this evening. We took our test (after waiting for our classroom) and then we left. Before that we handed in delivered our article reviews to Dr. Noland. The assignment was a complete nightmare to do because of the unclarity of the way it was presented. Everything was so vauge, so sketchy, so unlike the typical assignment in a course. This assignment was given at the very first class meeting and only took a few hours to complete total, but with all of the procrastination and other stuff involved it seemed much longer. Many of us waited until about 3 weeks ago to get started on things, but I think we all worked pretty hard on the papers. Less than 24 hours before the reviews were due the following message was posted to the WebCT forum in response to a final post inquiring as to the format of the documents being turned in:
“don’t stress too much about the reviews. the important thing is that you did them and maybe you learned something from the process (even if that was just how to look up journal articles). i’m going to grade the reviews like the exams and curve them if need be. so, good going! after the alcohol and socializing, this is what college is about (grin)!”
So I guess we have nothing to fear and the good news recieved tonight is that we get an automatic 6 out of the 10 points this evening for just completing them and turning them in. Only 4 more points have to be earned from valid shit in the papers themselves, although, since I did the extra credit ones and I get six points each for them too… I have an automatic 30 points out of 30 required…so anything else is just icing on the cake and extra points to keep my A afloat (assuming this last test and my final exam go as well as I expect). From my own personal calculations prior to turning in tonight’s test I can safely say that I got 38 out of the 50 points on the test, and those are just the safe points. It is very possbile that my score is higher and that Dr. Noland will give us a curve also. I am not too worried about Abnormal Psychology, it was a fun course, I learned a lot and I usually do fairly well on the tests. As long as things go well on the final exam I expect to come out of the course with an A. Sometimes I think the levels of these courses need to be evaluated, a 3000 level psychology course is about 10 times easier than a 2000 level liberal studies course. As my first semester at UNCC comes to a close I am more undecided as ever about what I want to do with my life, but at least now I know that I seek knowledge and have a life goal of being able to understand concept principles.

Quote of the Day: “Don’t worry Curtis, I recycle” – Dr. Keith Noland