Week of Relaxation?

I don’t know how to describe the atmosphere on campus today other than relaxed! Everyone seems so calm and as though there is nothing at all in their lives to worry about or study on. It may be helpful that it is a rainy day, but I have never experienced the atmosphere of the campus like this before. Dr. Presler made some changes to her testing and we had a very calm day of Logic with just being immersed in symbolic logic proofs. It was great fun, I actually got into it enough to volenteer myself to do 3 problems on the board for her, and anyone who knows my personality knows that I usually hate doing anything on a board. I would have felt better today about it if I were using dry erase and not chalk (or VERY dry erase). With multi-step deductive syllogistic argumentation I feel very comfortable and I get such a thrill out of solving the proofs. Proofs look so hard from the outside and are still very scary for me when I am not focused, but when I am focused on them I can extrapolate the correct course of action for getting from the 1 to 3 propositions given to the given conclusion and manage to use several of the 18 basic rules of symbolic logic that we have learned to reach the conclusion. I remember proofs in geometry, they weren’t nearly as much fun as the proofs we are doing in logic. For anyone who is very fact based in their learning (this is the question, here is the answer type people) don’t like logic, probably because it is very abstract and requires some time to get it with complex thinking and can not be gotten simply by “knowing” it. I think I was talking about relaxation when I got started on my logic tangent wasn’t I? Well, after logic I went to Physics and Dr. Naeini kept taking himself in a circle and he wasn’t very focused on getting everything covered. I have never seen him like this, he is usually so rushy so he can cover everything that he wants to get done. I guess it being the final lecture caused him to lighten up a little bit. Actually, today was the final lecture for Logic also. Both courses are using Wednesday as an optional review day. Depending upon how English goes today I might just option myself into using Wednesday as a stay-at-home-review-in-bed day. I have electronic access to most of my notes, as well as the notes of my instructors and thousands of other instructors, so it very well might be worth it to attempt to do that. Only problem is that I need to somehow convince myself to be on my normal schedule and be functional by 11am so that I can use my time appropriately and actually get some review in. I love being on campus and around people, but sometimes it is just way too cold outside to even bother getting my ass out of bed to do more than go to the bathroom for my morning trip. Thursday is supposed to be reading day on campus, and there is no class, I orginally scheduled my Microsoft exam 217 for that day, but it has since been rescheduled to later in the month. I might take the three days I have at the end of this week to work on getting stuff together and finish preparing for that exam and then stick it on Monday, December 13th where I don’t presently have anything scheduled.
At some point before next Wednesday I have to manage to finish my English paper, write some reading journals and write some group meeting journals. I don’t know why Betsy wants the journals done so bad, I guess she needs some entertainment between reading the boring stuff, or perhaps needs to figure out what went well and what didn’t go well in the course.