Who needs 50lbs of clay? I do!

When I awoke this morning I looked out my window and saw with great suprise a giant box from KC Metro Ceramics. My 50lbs (23 kg)of clay had arrived, as well as my new tools. I had been waiting for this clay since before I ordered my mobile wheel, but oh well, at least its here now and the fun can begin. My tools arrived at the same time, so I can now sculpt and do other fun things with clay. The only thing that isn’t fun about clay is running up 20 stairs with it, it is so heavy for its size, but i guess thats a good thing, it could be heavy and big ;-). Now I have to solve a few problems: 1. where should i put the clay? it needs a fairly cold place to be, and the air cant be too dry (asked about the fridge already, that got a Hell No); 2. I need to find time to actually play with my clay; 3. what am i going to do with the clay? I have all of these options, I have no idea where I want to begin; 4. I have clay and a wheel, but where am I going to fire it? Can you tell that thinking ahead isn’t in my list of strong qualities?. Once those few problems get out of the way I should be well on my way to having fun with clay and making all kinds of cool stuff.
I picked up some glaze when I was out with Chris on Monday, so at least that part is taken care of. I think I am getting a little too much back into ceramics, but in this case it is probably a good thing since I have been away so long and have nothing as non-electronic as it currently in my list of hobbies.