Its been a while

I had some negative feedback on my previous posting, actually it was more like hurtful criticism of my life and I became a little discouraged from being externally expressive. I’m going to have to learn how to filter out people who have alternative reasons for being my friends (or are perhaps bipolar?). Sometimes its so hard to figure out who is around because they like me and who is around for other reasons.
Lets get back into the swing of things with an overview of the thing that takes up the majority of my time, my education. I seem to be doing ok with accounting, I am getting a good grasp on the concepts. Calculus is just that, Calculus, it is more simple than I imagined, but still won’t be my simplest course. Business Programming has been VERY dull, we have only been learning basic programming logic, something which I feel could have been covered completed in the first 2 weeks. My micro-economics course has been uneventful for me, it has been primarily a review of macro-economics, which is fairly intense in itself, but for students who have had macro-econ it is a breeze. Once the first test is over I expect the workload to get more intense and more work to be required. Major Figures in Philosphy: Plato has only met a few times, so I can’t give a definate review of it yet, however, so far it has been intersting and I am enjoying it. The course requires a LOT of reading, but that isn’t the primary content of the course. The reading is just a starting point for the course, the real course material is the discussion that occurs in class about the material in the text and our interpretation of it. Dr. Presler adapts well between course levels, she taught Logic on a fairly low level, but Plato is much higher level. I guess some instructors are just capable of doing that, but some ive had in the past aren’t.
In other news, my new pottery wheel has arrived. I’m looking forward to throwing a few projects on it. Here is the wheel:

I haven’t been very expressive in the past few weeks, this new outlet for artisitc expression should help with that and allow me to be myself more outwardly.
Other than the stuff I mentioned and hanging out with Chris I haven’t really done much in the past few weeks. If anything exciting happens I will post it here, just like always.