New Year, New Problems

This so far has been one shitty year. After a nice new year’s eve and fairly fun new year’s morning I headed home from Chris’s house at 7:15AM, on highway 49 a minor issue occured, the vehicle seemed to be exhausting excessively, this was thought to be the case until stopping at a stoplight and realizing that the vehicle was approaching upper-level engine warmth. Luckily I kinda had a disaster plan in my head for such an occurance, and I knew the correct location to stop at, I went to the next light, University City Blvd and Pavillion where I landed my ass at a very cozy gas station/cafe. Now me being the gay guy that I am, I managed to find the cleanest, most hospitible gas station on earth. However, this station does not include things like emergency auto-parts, fluids, etc. I woke up yesterday at noon, and I seem to still be ok, so I will forego sleep again for now, until later tonight, like a week ago, except about 5 hours less awake time. For those of you better with chrono-lists, here it is:
7:30AM – problem detected
7:35AM – distress signal sent
8:00AM – supplies gathered, rescue team dispatched
8:42AM – Rescue team arrives at my location
9:15AM – Vehicle repairs complete, depart for home
10:03AM – Arrival at home
Now, for the fun part of this story. The problem was a hose that my father knew needed replaceing and he even had the part, but neglected to install it for whatever reason. So, he pretty much risked the car, my life and my sanity by being so fucking lazy! His inaction is unacceptable! I can understand if there was an issue I neglected to inform him about, but he is always kept apprised of issues with the vehicle, even when they are just in my head.