ITCS2231, INFO2231, ITCS1214?

The identity crisis with one of my courses just got more complicated…
When the course was still being planned it was called INFO2231, but then was posted to the registrar as ITCS2231 (by the ITCS department), and I enrolled in the course. For this semester the course is listed only as ITCS2231, but for the summer it is listed as INFO2231, with a cross listing of ITCS1214, meaning that ITCS1214, INFO2231 and ITCS2231 are essentially the same course. The course itself evolved from some internal issues between the Belk College of Business (COB) and the College of Information Technology, department of Computer Science. The COB decided that the CS department didn’t teach programming in a way that was effective. The ITCS department responded with a request for the COB to rewrite the curriculum to the way they wanted, the course essentially was the same, except for sucking all of the fun out of the course. ITCS accepted the changes, but assigned the course to Sara Scott, the only ITCS instructor who has never been called “mean” or “difficult” by anyone, and who makes the course fun anyway. As of this point the new course has NOT been written to any catalog or course description list in the University, which makes me question whether or not either department will declare it as existing, or if it will fade away with no record, and things will continue with ITCS1214 as the introductory programming course, but offered with VBA instead of Java.
Fortunately for me, this change of opinion of ITCS2231 will result in it being able to count as ITCS1214 for me and I won’t have to take ITCS1214 as an ITIS (COIT: Information Systems) major.
note: ITCS/INFO 2231 is “Introduction to Business Programming” and ITCS1214 is “Introduction to Computer Science”.