The Complexity of Math

I would like to start this entry by stating the following: At this time I am retracting my hatred of mathmatics.
My previous hatred for math was based on a predisposition to it being a foriegn concept due to 3 levels of Algebra in high school. My predisposition was then linked to the instructor, Mrs. Diane Ward. Mrs. Ward has a great personality and is a good math teacher to most, but it just didn’t work with me. The predisposition likely caused me to fall off the horse for second time in AP Statistics when I allowed myself to become discouraged. I must have learned something from the course, I managed to pass the Advanced Placement exam.
I don’t know why, but for some reason this evening I decided to complete some Calculus homework that is due next Wednesday. The homework covers limits and the concept of handling infinity in a limit situation. I noticed after I completed it that I used some of the concepts that I learned in logic (primarily orderly execution of a formal method) in completing the assignment. Either Jae Woo Jeong is a great instructor, or Calculus is easy. I still don’t want to try the other version of Calculus (for engineers), but I feel a little better about my math skills now. I won’t know until final grades are posted whether or not I made a mistake by circumventing Campus Pipeline’s registration system validations. At the moment I think I made the right decision, but it is still possible that it was a mistake.
Now off to do Accounting homework, or maybe just read a little Plato… either way, there is educational stuff to be done. (ok, how many of you know that I am going to run off and work on GITI or something?)