Fine Dining in Gaston County, NC

I just took a look at a list of local eating establishments for my county, and I am not impressed at all.
See The List.

There are all of 5 resturants listed for Bessemer City, of those, there are only three I would actually eat at. First is The Family Pizza Galli, then Gondola and McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the oddity on the list, because it is listed with other McDonald’s resturants, but is its own independant family-owned company, which has decent food, not the dog-shit served beside the overly-painted scary clown guy.
I wanted to have a little bit of variety in what Chris and I eat when we return to my area instead of his, but im coming up short on places to go… it totally sucks. One of the best places in the county actually isn’t even listed on the chart, R.O.’s BBQ. I guess in this county it is assumed that if you don’t know of R.O.’s then you don’t eat BBQ.
What happened to decent resturants in small towns where you can get real food?