GITI v2 Becoming Functional, Kinda

Today I for some reason decided I wanted to work on GITI v2 (maybe because I would like to use it in about 11 days), and I think I’ve finally decided upon a functionality. I am discovering tonight that I have learned a lot since GITI’s original creation, this includes about PHP, my usage and expectations of a personal information manager (PIM), as well as about GITI itself. That may sound strange, me learning about something I created, but its true. There are things I didn’t realize about why I did things the way I did at first, but now that I am diving back into the old code and looking it over again and trying to adapt it for v2, it is becoming much clearer to me. Tonight I managed to complete the transition to the database driven menu system (at least its core), now I just need to add all of the commands, and finally adapt all of the modules and their functions to use the new system. I think this will be a difficult task, but at the same time will make me more familiar with my own code. Hopefully along the way of correcting issues with the code that make it incompatible with v2 I might actually find time to structure the code so it makes sense. On my long-term plan is an intention to rewrite all of the v1 code so that it makes more sense.
I have been becoming very confused with GITI lately, there are so many new functions I want to add, then there is the burden of actually getting v2 100% running (burden for now, but once functional, im sure it will be more than worth it). I have given consideration to things like a ceramics module (keeping piece-by-piece info, firing schedules, etc) and even things as bizare as a mood-tracker that would affect a status indicator on my blog (dont know why anyone would ever need to know my moods?).
One of my main conceptual problems at the moment is the ability to access the course list. I can do it like I used to and it still be making it simpler, but I really want to take it a step beyond that. There is a side-bar that I haven’t used for anything yet in the class/education module that I could probably put a small class list in, as well as move the current “active class activities” include to. At the moment there is just so much going on in my mind with GITI as well as everything else, its getting hard to keep up with my thoughts.
The new journal module (previously itemjournal) is now fully functional and is coming in quite handy for those little notes, and thoughts that I need to throw down somewhere. In a way it is kind of like having a way to use digital post-it notes on a per-item basis. I don’t currently intend to transistion the old journal module to v2, it will die in v1, but I intend to convert all of the current content to the new module, then have the new module to take on the same name as the old module (for both its file as well as its table).
why am i going into so much detail here? its not like any of you are GITI developers or even care what I do with GITI, although I know what some of you wish for me to do with GITI.